January 16, 2023

Our brand new PURIZE® Bruyère Pipe is an exclusive & very high quality pipe made of selected briar root wood with laser engraved PURIZE® logo.

You can get a Transparent Edition and Black Edition.

The brand new Bruyère Pipe comes in a noble, simple design with selected hanging screen & innovative notch for a firm grip. Suitable for left- and right-handed use. 

Bruyère burl wood is especially suitable for pipes because it is extremely heat-resistant and besides its strength it is porous.
This results in a taste-neutral smoking experience, while at the same time absorbing the condensates produced during smoking. The integrated PURIZE® activated carbon filter in the ø 9 mm Regular Size ensures in the usual way that only the desired aromas & active ingredients reach your lungs.
  • Briar pipe
  • wooden pipe
  • Pollutant-reduced smoking
If you want to decorate your living room with the new pipe, simply turn the pipe upside down (with the sieve facing backwards). Now just put in the included plastic flower and your inconspicuous briar vase made by PURIZE® is ready.
The PURIZE® Bruyère Pipe sets new standards in style & smoking pleasure and is a real eye-catcher for everyone!

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