7 PURIZE® BIG Size Filters

Is the regular format still not big enough for you?
Do you want to smoke a real donut with your group?
Then the new BIG SIZE charcoal filter with a diameter of ø 14 mm is the perfect charcoal filter for you.
The BIG SIZE is available in a 7-pack in a handy bag.
The use of our activated charcoal filters significantly reduces the absorption of harmful substances and ensures a fresh, dry and aromatic smoking experience that is also good for your health. Since both end caps are ceramic, there is no need to consider insertion or direction of insertion. PURIZE® filters are made from environmentally friendly, sustainable and "Made in Germany" raw materials.

PLEASE NOTE: Our BIG SIZE can only be used with our King Size Wide paper.

Filter dimensions: ø 14 mm x 40 mm
Filterstyle: White
Filter types: BIG Size


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