Lousy for the stink: Our PURIZE® activated Charcoal backpack!

The new PURIZE® activated charcoal backpack is made with airtight materials, a waterproof zipper and an activated charcoal lining so that odors are absorbed very well - bad for the stink.

The backpack offers enough space to transport loved objects and utensils from A to B as odourless and anonymously as possible. 

Even with the design you remain undercover: classic, minimalistic and timeless - so it fits.

And when it comes down to it, the materials keep odours out, the lock keeps long fingers out: we have integrated a secure locking mechanism into the backpack so that everything remains secure.

  • Leaves little chance of unwanted odors 
  • Secure storage through lock 
  • Chic, timeless design 

The interior of our backpack should not come into contact with air humidity or water due to the absorbent activated carbon! 

dimensions: 29,5 x 45 x 16,5 cm
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