For all cases: Our 4-piece aluminum grinder in silver!

You need a grinder that you can still use after years? We help you: With our 4-piece aluminum grinder in silver! The grinder grinds your smoking utensils perfectly and is virtually indestructible due to its simple construction. The teeth are not glued, but milled from the material and deburred - this makes them razor sharp and extremely convincing in the grind behavior compared to plastic or pin grinders! The lid is fixed by a light magnetic mechanism, which leads to a clean handling and safe storage possibility and is ultimately simply practical. Additionally, our PURIZE® logo is engraved on the top.
Attention: this grinder does not fit into our "PURIZE® Square KIT"!
  • Sharp teeth
  • Magnetic closure
  • High quality workmanship
Diameter: 50,5 mm
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