Safe storage for your self-made ones!
If you always want to bring your self-made rolls safely to their destination, you won't get past our Pop-Up Jibbit. It will protect your upturned ones from water and air, even some sniffing noses have already been fooled by our little box. The material is durable and has of course no influence on the taste of your self-made jibbit. Additionally the jibbit is printed with our PURIZE® logo and should not be missing in any accessory assortment. The Pop-Up Jibbit is opened by simply "squeezing" the can opening - and then the typical pop-up sound is created!
Our Pop-Ups are also available as classic cans in large and small versions!
  • Perfect storage possibility
  • Protection against external influences
  •  Durable
length: 11,5 cm; diameter: approx. 1,8 cm; weight of product: 6 gr
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