Together with HAZE we have developed a new version of our Pocket KIT. And this Pocket KIT has it all! 

The high quality construction pad is perfect for on the go! It fits in most bags and also our PURIZE® fanny pack is big enough to carry the kit in it!

The KIT consists of 2 parts, which are tied to each other with magnets and fit perfectly! The upper wooden part is probably one of the highest quality mixing bowls on the market. The lower part is provided with recesses for your favorite utensils. So you can get started right away, these are also filled directly by us for you!

The PURIZE® x HAZE Pocket Kit contains the following products:
1 x HAZE Kit made of oak wood
1 x HAZE Grinder (28mm)
6 x HAZE filters without activated carbon
1 x RooR® x PURIZE® glass tip ø 5,9 mm
1 x PURIZE® King Size Ultra Slim Papers
1 x PURIZE® Bic mini
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