For the best draught: Our Regular Size activated carbon filters in a 50-pack storage bag!
Our Regular Size filter is delivered to you in a resealable and practical 50 piece storage bag. Our packaging is especially suitable for travel, because the filters can be stored airtight and watertight and are thus protected from external influences. Our high quality activated carbon significantly reduces the absorption of harmful substances and provides you with a cool, dry and aromatic smoking experience. Our activated carbon filter is suitable for standard 9 mm pipes & of course for ALL types of hand-rolled! Since both end caps are made of ceramic, there is no insertion or twist-in direction to consider.
PURIZE® Filters are made from environmentally conscious raw materials, sustainable and "Made in Germany".
Your smoking experience is especially intensified by the use of our Doobiewood or glass tips, which lead to an additional cooling of the smoke and an even more pleasant mildness!
Should you prefer filters in a slim design, we recommend our XTRA Slim Size filters!

available in White, Organic and AllColour = colourful)
50 pcs. in PE-bag

Much more pleasant smoking experience
More intense taste
Reduction of harmful substances
Natural, sustainable product

Dimensions: ø 8.3 mm x 35.7 mm.
Filling: coconut shell based activated carbon.

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