Faithful companion with all advantages: Our 4-piece aluminium grinder with pollinator and UV print!

Our 4-piece aluminium grinder in silver with pollinator - a must-have for your building utensils! The grinder shreds perfectly and is virtually indestructible due to its simple construction. The teeth are not glued, but milled from the material and deburred - therefore they are razor sharp and convince in the grind behavior compared to plastic or pin grinders extremely! Our grinder has a pollinator, which collects your pollum for you. The lid is fixed by a light magnetic mechanism, which leads to a clean handling and finally is simply practical - additionally your grinder becomes a safe storage possibility for your herbs. 😉 On Top you can find our PURIZE® logo via UV-print on the lid of the grinder.

  • Pollinator
  • Sharp, long-lasting teeth
  • High quality processing

diameter: 48 mm
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