If you are interested in high-quality glass equipment for your personal needs, you cannot avoid the bong manufacturer from Baden-Württemberg. For years RooR® has been convincing with interesting and high quality glass products, which are always handmade. For our XTRA Slim Size Filter we have designed a glass tip in cooperation with RooR®, which will certainly give your self-made filter an upgrade! By using the glass tip, the smoke becomes cooler, which is good for the taste. In addition, the Glass Tip ensures that the smoke is perceived as much milder.
This special edition of the PURIZE® Glass Tip in cooperation with RooR® is made of high-quality borosilicate glass 3.3. The Glass Tip is supplied in a small metal box with 3 x PURIZE® XTRA Slim Size activated carbon filters. The interaction with our quality filters will significantly increase the smoking experience and your self-twisted tip will get a real upgrade.
As with all collaborations, the same applies here: Each piece is unique and 100% "Made in Germany".

  • Glass mouthpiece for jibbit
  • Perfect for the Slim activated carbon filter 5mm from our shop
  • Cooled smoke
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